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Childhood Edit

Michael Audrey Myers was born on 19th October, 1957 to Donald Myers and Edith Myers.

31st October, 1963: The Night Were It All BeganEdit

Incarciration at Smith's Grove Sanatarium: 1963-1978Edit

Return to HaddonfiledEdit

Killing SpreeEdit

Family Edit

Parents - Donald Myers and Edith Myers Edit

  • Donald Myers:
  • Edith Myers:

Siblings - Judith Myers and Laurie Strode Edit

  • Judith Myers:
  • Laurie Strode:

Nieces and Nephews - Jamie Lloyd and John Tate Edit

  • Jamie Lloyd:
  • John Tate:

Son and Daughter - Lauren Prescott and Stephen Lloyd Edit

  • Lauren Prescott:
  • Stephen Lloyd:

Mass Murders Edit

1963 - 1 Victim - Judith Myers Edit

1978 - 16 Victims - Christopher Hastings Dog Leister Annie Brackett Bob Simms Lynda Van Der Klok Alice Martin Mr Garrett Budd Scarlotti Nurse Karen Bailey Doctor Fredrick Mixter Nurse Janet Marshall Nurse Barbara Alves Nurse Jill Franco Terrance Gummell Edit

31st October

1988 - 18 Victims - Attendant J. Black Attendant L. Evans Paramedic Paramedic Mechanic Waitress Sundae Bucky Deputy Pierce Police Officer Police Officer Deputy Logan Kelly Meeker Brady Orrin Big Al Unger Earl Ford Edit

1989 22 Victims - Mountain Man Rachel Mike Spitz Sammie Deputy Nick Ross Deputy Tom Farrah Tina Williams Deputy Eddy Grey Deputy Charlie Bloch Max Doctor Hart Nurse Patsey Edit

1995 Edit

1998 - 6 Victims Edit

2001 Edit

2002 Edit


Behind The ScenesEdit

Alternative VersionsEdit

Due to the amount of Recons and Reboots within the series, the has been resulted in 4 diffrent Michael Myers.

Michael Myers (H4-6 Timeline)Edit

This Michael Myers appears in Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers.

Michael Myers (H20 Timeline)Edit

This Michael Myers appears in Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection and Halloween: 8 Year Later.

Michael Myers (Reboot Series)Edit

This Michael Myers appers in Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007) and Halloween 2 (2009).

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